Has America fallen for Reality Politics?

Donald Trump is a mindless puff of vulgarity that has somehow hoodwinked American society into believing he has some Messianic political capability.

The truth of the matter is that Trump possesses “squat” more than TV ratings. His world is not political. It a hangover from his bygone days on a reality show. I know it is the Halloween season, but isn’t it scary that people gobble up his bile and venom as if it were leadership material?

I mean come on folks, peel back your eyelids and earlobes. You’re not in TV-land any more. This is not Gogglebox. The credits rolled a long time ago. So did the joke. This is the real world talking now. Serious stuff. Big boy and girl decisions. Like the FUTURE OF THE WORLD!  Money, stability, prosperity, job growth, health, the environment.

We are not in a segment between ad-breaks and a beer refill. Or a bong hit!

This is your life. There are really serious consequences voting Donald Trump into the oval office.

Like a tax on beer.

Even Goofy would think twice about putting Donald in the office, unless he was taking the Mickey!

Politics is above Donald Trump because it is about the operation of power in society and not just one man with his name on a building. A true politician learns how to balance the interests of all human beings, not just his own ilk. He learns how to juggle and gel the melting pot of society, not divide it. And that takes staying power.

He rises above his own ambition, to bring black and white together, red and yellow, rich and poor, Asian and Latino, banker and farmer.

Even lawyers are covered….god forbid!

Power is not about egomaniacal brute force, though it does include physical power. Trump supporters can smile about that one.

No. True power comes from a cocktail of other more significant influences: economic, legal (yes, you are still covered lawyers!) and public opinion.

You might have a big cudgel to thump your enemies with and that would make you (in American-speak) a pretty “powerful dude”, but so what? If you can’t back up your brawn and thuggery with the other elements that engage your brain, then you are worthless. You are nothing more than a bully with no real power. You’re just a despot, a school yard bully. A coward that will likely have other vassals to do his dirty work for him.

Sound familiar?

You could have asked Muammar Gaddaffi, Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, and Benito Mussolini the same question, but they were all murdered by their own people. Or committed suicide. Like cowards.

The common denominator was greed. They all pandered to the ignorance of their own people to assume power, not to benefit the masses, but to feed something a lot more ill-informed: their own egos.

A Warped Distortion of Reality

When people are starved of thought, they act like lemmings, tiny rodents that have a proclivity for giant cliffs and mass suicide. And the people that feed today’s “couch lemmings” are the TV stations.

Never before has the “dumbing-down” of society been more prevalent than today.

Technology provides instant gratification to millions where once a book a provided an experience for a few.

We don’t care about depth of personality, we care about instant gratification. I need a laugh, a sound bite, a tear, a joke, a goal. We can watch an entire series on TV fast-forwarding though the ads.

The syndrome is infectious. Instagram, SnapChat.”We need a President today, not tomorrow!”

The danger is that America will also make an instant decision, one that could be too late to reverse.



  1. Whoah this place looks amazing and I love the bright colours throughout they give it a truly funky vibe !!

    Last time I stayed in Bangkok was at the Siam@Siam which was great but I think this hotel may give it a run for their money !!

  2. Kevin,
    Your review was delightful and since I will be in Singapore in a short while I’m going to check it out albeit I may skip the pool. In fact I think you’ve turned me off to pools for a very long time LOL. Except for the extraordinary crowds it sounds like an awesome place in your review was excellent.

    • Thanks Amanda. It really was an amazing place. Here’s hoping I can check out a few more of the W Hotels in the future!

  3. Hi Kevin,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your review of the W Bangkok. That massage sounds amazing and so relatively cheap and luxurious compared to the massages you get in the local shopping centre’s in Perth for about the same cost per minute !! And no where near your experience I bet !

    Sounds like writing this review was a sheer pleasure for you, so glad although you were working that you got to enjoy yourself too ! It absolutely shouldn’t be all work and no play.

    After reading your review I would have no hesitation in recommending the W Bangkok to friends and family.

    Cheers Kym

  4. Hi Kevin,
    It was good to have you out from all of the team,at least you got to experience another chapter in your life and come out with and meet most of the amazing girls and guys up here who love their work with such passion and energy,and of course the majestic humpback whales,the next day we had several whale sharks return to the reef also which is great seeing as it is so late in the season,but that is your next adventure is it not mate!!

    • Can’t wait. I feel addicted to it! And the best thing is that I got to experience the remoteness, the peace and quiet of Exmouth too. I will absolutely return again. I promise!

  5. It is the most amazing tastey place of pasta that I tried for quite long time…
    Don’t miss the concept, atmosphere and above all the unique taste and flavours…

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